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Fusion Supreme Mattress

Vendor: M Lily Mattress

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Fusion Supreme : 11.5″ of Performance Layers
1. Double Jacquard Fabric. Premium knit fabric is designed to provide advanced breathability and comfort.

2. AirCell Foam. 1.5'' of Specialized Gel AirCell Foam is scientifically engineered to provide a unique layer of supreme Performance Memory Foam infused with breathable, temperature-regulating AirCell Technology.

3. Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam. 1.5'' of Performance Memory Foam is infused with Bamboo Charcoal, creating a layer that regulates moisture, odor, and temperature while adapting to your body’s individual pressure points.

4. Flex Comfort Foam. 1'' of Flex Comfort Foam adds an additional layer of comfort to create a more supple feel.

5. Pocket Springs. It’s one thing to have Memory Foam, it’s another to carefully layer in Pocket Springs. 1000 6'' X-springs bring out the performance of this mattress.

6. Flex Support Border. Flex Support Border is built to provide corner-to-corner support, relieving the natural pressure of your body weight.

7. Flex Support Foam. A final layer of our 1'' Flex Support Foam to provide corner-to-corner support, ensuring a deeper, more regenerative night’s sleep.

Don't forget to add a box-spring, adjustable base or use this mattress on any traditional platform bed.